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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Internet |

Skydrive and URLs can agree

While recent increased storage services and file synchronization in the cloud, Skydrive from Microsoft has begun to strengthen its offering and one of the latest added is the ability to shorten links and then share. From the moment you create links and short-short-links to share on platforms where the characters are limited, such as Twitter.

This new feature will work through service reduction links To this is added the option to track the success of the link-sharing, analysis provided by that service.

What’s more, we may also use our own domain name to reduce the bonds, which are also supported OpenGraph, ie for the next time you decide to share these links on Facebook, it will automatically generate a thumbnail to preview what’s in it .

The integration of this service is now available for most accounts, at least I just tested and works perfectly, so if you still can not shorten the links in your cloud, do not worry you will soon have this feature must for all types of files you wish to share in so limited in character networks like Twitter.

Link: Shorter URLs for SkyDrive Files with support (Technology Bites)

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