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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Internet |

Skype aims to reach one billion users

Skype aims to reach one billion users

Currently is one of the most used communication tools worldwide for its versatility and low cost. You can use it on multiple platforms ranging from computer equipment like PCs with Windows, Linux, Mac, smartphones, tablets, portable game consoles and more recently in smart TVs.

Skype has a base of 254 million connected per month, 40 million of these are recurrent, ie use it quite often, the future goal to reach 1.000 million users, three times the amount has today.

To achieve this look to expand its portfolio of solutions to the user, of course, while maintaining its basic essence, put in other words, more options to communicate at low cost but with the and free calls you already know. One option, for example, takes the form of pre-paid cards (not available in all countries).

Another solution, which besides being free, is an important social benefit is called Skype in the Classroom, an initiative that seeks to connect teachers, experts and students through this service to share experiences and information remotely.

The goal to have, but it seems far may not take as long to become a reality, Skype has just nine years of life and in that time has established itself as one of the best options for video conferencing, in fact, today the call service offered by Skye represents 25% of total traffic of international long distance calls.

Skype in the classroom

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