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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Software |

Skype denies spying on people

Skype denies spying on people

A few days ago began circulating on the internet press articles which some suspect that had changed their service policies to please Microsoft, which acquired the company a year ago . These changes would point to the service can now record conversations in order to deliver them to the police if they were investigating with criminal cases.

Skype denied all these rumors today.

It all started when Microsoft entered a patent application called “Legal Interception”, which described a method to intercept VoIP traffic without users would notice. The patent does not mention Skype, but since the service was purchased, some suspected that they would have something to do.

The operations manager of Skype, Mark Gillet said that Skype has not changed its architecture based on what Microsoft says, however, explained that the supernodes of service (key operation) are now located in Microsoft Data centers. He explained that these supernodes act as nodes of “discovery” – to determine optimal networks where data travel – and not transmitting or video.

He also stated that talks are still encrypting made of Skype to Skype.

Gillet also denied that Skype has changed their policies regarding requests by law enforcement agencies, although they have a legal team that responds to the demands. The executive did not specifically refer to Microsoft’s patent, which in theory could pass one node communications spy to intercept conversations.

Link: Skype denies police surveillance policy change (BBC)

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