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Posted by on May 26, 2012 in Featured, Gadgets |

Smart Clock Time

Smart Clock Time

Many clocks stopped using because we see the time on the phone, but now it is reviving the phone who wristwatches. Just as the soldiers of World War I realized it was much more practical to have a wristwatch, a pocket watch, many are hoping to have a small screen smart in our band, without having to always resort to that other intelligent display in our pocket – and not just to see the time.

Whenever I saw these signatures to the end of an email indicating that he had been “Sent from my BlackBerry” (replace for iPhone, Android, Nokia or manufacturer that comes to mind), I looked bored encasillara you immediately upon one of those tribes. So from the beginning change the auto signature on my phone to read “Sent from my watch” just to get a smile to someone. But it was I who ended up smiling at one of five people answered me know how I got interested in sending an email from my watch. After explaining that it is just a joke, any more than I have done in an exchange of emails about what it would be really handy to have a smart .

One such person was the Argentine entrepreneur Wences Casares , who told me that although he had tried some models, still awaiting the arrival of a truly intelligent clock and in their own words “clock watching is much more socially acceptable to look at the phone” . Sure, nobody is going to look ugly if you check your watch discreetly to quickly see which messages arrive, or if during a meeting canceled a call without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

Although some companies have spent decades presenting giant clocks that tune into TV channels, make calls or take pictures, we’re finally starting to see that really dare to use in public, at reasonable prices and with technologies that solve various problems that have prevented their existence in the past. The brands of the world are beginning to present “smartwatches”, the literal translation of smart watches: A display that you wear on your wrist, which connects to your smartphone you already carry in your pocket and lets you control and access its functions.

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GB-6900 Casio

Perhaps the less “intelligent” smart watches, but it was the first watch to enter the core technology that will allow the existence of such clocks: Bluetooth 4.0, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Since the clock must be constantly connected wirelessly to the cell, this could rapidly deplete the battery of the watch. While we are used to charge our cell every night, no one wants more worrying over to do the same with your watch. BLE uses so little energy that Casio promises a battery life of up to 2 years. It seems an ordinary clock, but has a small alphanumeric display in black and white allows you to read the messages you receive on your cell phone or see who’s calling, and automatically synchronize the time with your phone.

Availability: March 2012.
Price: U.S. $ 299.

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Sony and SmartWatch

These two smart watch models from Sony have multiple functions how to display emails, text messages, pictures and videos, answer or terminate calls, check your schedule, control the playback of music as well as to install hundreds of applications for specific uses. They are based on Android, making them incredibly customizable, but unfortunately only connect with Android phones (not just Sony), and have Bluetooth 3.0 – so you have to remember to charge it every 4 days.

Availability: October 2010 (LiveView) and April 2012 (SmartWatch).
Price: U.S. $ 40 (LiveView) and $ 149 (SmartWatch).

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Watch I’m

Watch I’m

They call themselves the “first SmartWatch” an extensive collection available in multiple colors and materials. It is the largest, but also the most capable. Based on Android watches like Sony, but unlike the previous permits called directly on the clock with its hands-free microphone and built, and connect with any brand of smartphone. Unfortunately this means it has the lowest battery life, having to recharge every 24 hours.

Availability: January 2012.
Price: From $ 349 (aluminum) to U.S. $ 19,999 (white gold and diamonds).

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The most anticipated and my personal favorite. It is an independent project that has generated so much expectation in its first week of advertising has generated more than $ 10 million in presales . Although the screen is black and white, uses e-paper technology (like the Kindle), allowing you to read the full light of day without problems. It has its own operating system optimized for clock (unlike Android, a mobile operating system adapted to watches), works with both Android and iPhone has Bluetooth 4.0 and so needs to be refilled once a week. Show your emails, incoming messages, Facebook or Twitter, weather and its own App Store to extend its functionality by example how to be notified when the bus is about to take.

Availability: 2013.
Price: U.S. $ 150.

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+ FuelBand

Nike + FuelBand

I admit, is not a smart watch. But I mention it to place an order: Please someone release the full potential of this watch! In reality FuelBand Nike is a device to measure your physical activity every day. It has a small screen with 120 LED lights that allow you to display letters, numbers and simple graphics. Lightweight and comfortable, I’ve been using in recent months, but only I get the time, how many steps I’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burned. But it has Bluetooth 4.0 and connects to the iPhone, so personally I’m hoping some kind hacker somewhere in the world to modify it to display at least who calls and incoming messages. Or maybe even do Nike itself in an upcoming firmware update – at least since announced that they want to open the API . Dreaming is free.

Availability: February 2012.
Price: U.S. $ 150.

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