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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Companies |

Smart partnership between TV manufacturers want to push the development of a universal SDK

Smart partnership between TV manufacturers want to push the development of a universal SDK

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LG Electronics and TP Vision have joined other Japanese television to create the Smart TV Alliance, a project that will seek to universalize the development of tools, interfaces and functionality of smart so that it is much faster, both simple and inexpensive for factories and for independent developers to create content from a SDK (Software Development Kit) as with application development for mobile devices.

Since it will not be easy to convince all intelligent TV manufacturers that this is the right path, but some problems today could favor the progress of this alliance.

The search for a “free patentamientos Ecosystem” as explained by the promoters of the project in a press release, seeks to generate a volume of content that currently can not offer any factory on their own, and also be friendly and intuitive for the user.

Today every factory uses a variety of platforms and technologies to integrate its developments completely limiting the supply of “skills” of these TVs, which could threaten the because it does not offer any value differential to compete with traditional equipment and to justify their high cost of sale.

Bong-seok as detailed Kwon, president of the Alliance and CEO, LG Electronics, the main objective is to create a series of technical specifications that allow an application to work on different TVs from different manufacturers. In a few months intended to go to its website the first version of an SDK available for developers to begin work, and to offer the first during the course of 2013.

Something that is not immediately clear if there is some kind of store that allows the user to download these applications and business model will be defined for developers to monetize their creations, or just be an ecosystem of applications to use the TV factories .

There is no doubt that the potential of a Smart TV is in what it can offer as a differential against our beloved “idiot box” traditional, the problem is so attractive that could become such applications to actually see a leap in quality or consumer interest. Angry Birds Will playing on TV? I stay with my tablet.

Link: So the manufacturers want to push the ecosystem Smart TV (ticbeat)

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