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Posted by on Jul 7, 2013 in Gadgets |

Smart watches 4 alternatives that we can buy today

Smart watches 4 alternatives that we can buy today

(Cc) Robert Scoble / Flickr

Science fiction has been a great source of inspiration for those manufacturers seeking ideas to try to impose “the next big hit” in the technology industry. The idea of ​​a wrist-worn device that is a hub of notifications and allow communicate is one of the most recent outbreaks that are taking the industry.

The future of smartphones may be closely related to these small teams bracelet. Our future computers integrated into our clothing items could well unbundled function as a smartphone.

The watches help make the road any bulky item, bizarre and intrusive in our field of action, and develop ourselves in our social networks, information and entertainment is naturally, as it should be.

No wonder the so-called ” smart watches “could eventually become the favorite fetish multiple technology manufacturers. Rumor has it that giants like Apple , Samsung and the very Google would be working in their own smartwatch.

Beyond the rumors, there are companies that dared to make their own choices and this is what we have in the market today.


Smart watches 4 alternatives that we can buy today image 2

A very versatile smart sin to be simply enormous. However, leaving that aside, it’s a pretty competent watch will be a great companion for those who need easy access to records statistics exercise, GPS, heart monitor and MP3 player small size.

It is a multi-clock features, but its promise is fulfilled in a remarkable, filling equally casual runners expectations and high performance.

The experience in regard to advanced mobile integration is not the best for those looking for something more multimedia oriented, but is ideal for athletes. Its price climbs around $ 200.

I’m Watch

Smart watches 4 alternatives that we can buy today image 3

One of the first really useful smart watches multifunction smartphone use extended to our wrist. The team is based on a derivation of Android 1.6 and allows integrating applications made by an active development community that supports customers of this company.

Its 1.54-inch TFT screen suffers from having too bright, and its sensors are always active, which makes your battery life is empine just over 24 hours when used intensively. That is hardly a problem considering how we recharge our phones, so it’s a detail obviable.

This watch is compatible with Android devices, iOS and BB10, and like many others of which we review here only makes sense synchronized to a smartphone. Its price is high, and close to USD $ 400.


Smart watches 4 alternatives that we can buy today image 4

The clock star smartwatches this generation. This device was born out of an initiative incubated in collective lifting platform Kickstarter funds, and became a bestseller explosively thanks to its open concept minimalist and smart watches any user, fully customizable and great price.

One of the most interesting features of this device is its small screen electronic ink that greatly reduces energy consumption, which makes the can deliver a range of 7 days without any problems, without compromising any function that you may have any of its current competitors.

Its creators say that no two equal Pebbles. This is because users can download templates to customize their watches giving them a unique, besides being able to charge apps to expand its functions and thus make it even more useful.

Fits multimedia serves athletes, serves to geeks … Suitable for everyone.

The only thing that could overshadow a little leadership would be the durability of materials. Not many users, but a considerable number of stripes complains and marks derived from normal everyday use. Not bad to try to be careful with this team.

Compatible with iPhone and Android with no problems, and the developer community is working to expand this to even more mobile operating systems.

It costs $ 149 on the website, and ships around the world. recently gone on sale in physical stores in the United States, which will make it easier to access.


Smart watches 4 alternatives that we can buy today image 5

Not the first, but is the choice from a traditional manufacturer that has best been adopted by users around the world for various reasons. It’s that little square clock meets Japanese deliver a lot of features into a small format size and powerful enough to not disappoint.

The small device has a 1.3 inch LCD screen, integrated NFC and a micro USB port for charging the battery with virtually any charger. The Sony also has Bluetooth 3.0 to connect to your smartphone with your watch to do their job properly. These are significant improvements compared to the first generation of this product, which was marketed under the brand Sony Ericcson and – in a word – it was just forgettable.

Its interface is as friendly as it is compatible with all brands of devices based on Android. We have tested it with virtually all high and medium range that have fallen into our hands, and all works perfect. No love for the iPhone here.

He was recently presented the third generation of this smart watch, but that does not leave you totally out of the limelight from its second version by opening the code that moves the computer to allow users to create applications that take even more advantage of its benefits, it helping to democratize this technology.

Sony Smart Watch now can be found in stores for just $ 100, but in September will version 2 , the price is unknown.

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