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Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Science |

Snowden used the refrigerator to not be spied in Hong Kong through cell

Snowden used the refrigerator to not be spied in Hong Kong through cell

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Whenever – who exposed the secret spying program – got together with their lawyers in Hong Kong to advise him their next steps were required to keep his cell in the refrigerator of the house where you find to avoid the spy.

No doubt this may seem odd to some. Why a refrigerator? This was not due to an eccentricity of Snowden, but a very simple: Being of metal, the appliance is capable of functioning as a Faraday cage , which radio signals voids therein and, therefore, the device could not spy on the meeting attendees if they were hacked.

Faraday cage is an electromagnetic effect is that the space within a container made of electrically conducting material (such as metal) have no electromagnetic field, and also cancels out the external electromagnetic fields.

A proof of this is when one gets to the elevator of a building and notice your metal walls immediately cut the signal from a cell phone. However, the nicest test can do with your microwave oven: Put in your phone and call him. This should not sound as the microwave oven is also a Faraday cage (and if it sounds, worry and see if you are still fertile).

Link: Why Snowden Asked Visitors in Hong Kong to Refrigerate Their Phones (The New York Times)

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