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Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Social Networks | of Microsoft comes out of beta and is now open for all of Microsoft comes out of beta and is now open for all

And just this week when Facebook made noise with his openness to the stock market, also has a say in the social networking world. With its familiar , a cross between social networking and search engine focused mainly on students.

This was already working some time ago but is now, right now, what a coincidence! – When Microsoft decides it’s time to get out of beta stage and open for everyone to enter. In fact, as is the company’s official explanation, the idea is that people stop using other for the new, but is a supplement, so it is possible to login with an account of Facebook or Windows Live also.

More than a social network, is the feeling that Microsoft is an attempt to make something like Google with its Google+, unifying and bringing together multiple services into one kind of “hub”. The idea seems interesting, but the humility with which Microsoft has called the attention thing, by not attempting in any way the limelight, at least publicly, and to coexist with other similar offerings.

Started is quite fast using your Facebook account, so that stakeholders can now shop around the site and see if it offers them useful or worthwhile to invertirle-spend-some time. As new products come out of Redmond, the interface follows the style Metro we are used to operating systems, mobile, and even the Xbox 360.

Link: Microsoft Launches Facebook So.Cl Network Amid Hubbub (Mashable)

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