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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Internet |

So does the new

So does the new , website dedicated to the collection and organization of external news, took a precipitous drop just three months ago, when it was acquired by the company Betaworks to a value of only $ 500,000, despite being valued at USD $ 60,000 000 years ago. After that, he started a remodeling from scratch it took just six weeks to complete, resulting in a modern , free advertising and a completely different function to add the News to your home.

And it is to keep up the site cost $ 250,000 a month, with revenues of USD $ 200,000 per month for advertising concepts, so the business was at a loss. The change was absolutely necessary, and to succeed it was necessary to have a good idea. According to David Weiner, a member of the development team in Betaworks, that idea came: “is something that just was not done, and that’s the really exciting thing.”

What is it? This time, unlike the old people’s participation was shelved, other methods used to select and display news on the front page, they appear from top to bottom in order of priority. Basically, the contents are up as much drag on (Twitter and Facebook), in a process that also considers a selection algorithm. But not only that there is a person in the position of managing editor, who is also responsible for the selection of topics, working alongside the automated system.

Turns out sites like past or present Reddit, present a serious problem in long-term operation, “As it grows, what emerges is this kind of strange dichotomy between a frequent user group, which see the site as a community, try and participate in it as a community, and then a hearing. And as the audience grows, so do the incentives for spam and abuse, as (the site) was driving more and more traffic to websites like Gizmodo and incentives to abuse were greater than the incentives for meaningful engagement and positive toward other members of the community.

This explains the selection of news under a more restrictive, controlled by an automated system next to a managing editor, replacing a participatory collaboration of users, who would take the abuse. We’ll see if the new approach is successful.

Link: How Digg Was Saved in Just Six Weeks (Gizmodo)

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