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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Social Networks |

So is the new SoundCloud design

So is the new SoundCloud design

Today, SoundCloud is one of the most successful sites in which to listen and share Music terms, providing a robust platform for artists to upload their work, making it easy to use for the mass audience that is attracted . And this service fills the void left by MySpace, offering a social network around music that unlike his predecessor, was not lost in the shadow of Facebook, knowing very well defined targeting a specific niche users.

In this is that the site continues strong maturation process, integrating new functions that mostly have come at the request of the people. For now, if you enter a you will find the traditional version, however, is undertaking a complete redesign available only for some users chosen to be part of a trial run or private beta. Here’s how the new looks and what features have been added to a service that may use everyday.

New design

New promises to be more social SoundCloud, simple and fast. To achieve this, have changed all the visuals, cleaning the environment as much as possible, falling almost a minimalist apronte, as has been trend in recent months in terms of design around the world.

Upon entering, we see three sections in the upper left corner to gather all the features of the portal: Stream, You and Explore. In the first, we see the activity carried out by our friends and artists that we, in particular, new sounds that go up. Thus, this space is ideal for discovering new music and modern. On the right we see two modules, one with suggestions of people they could go, and another with the activity that has affected us, as in the recent case of new followers that have:

So is the new SoundCloud design image 2

In the “You” is where we access our public profile, and looks like this:

So is the new SoundCloud design image 3

Finally, the “Explore” is where you usually find the music that is now more popular in SoundCloud. This section still falls under the new redesign, so if we click there, send us the old site in a new browser tab, which a few minutes of being in the modern SoudCloud because we are becoming obsolete:

So is the new SoundCloud design image 4

Other places where you can browse are eg the pages for each song, highlighting the commenting system that can leave at a specific time of issue, previously appearing in disarray (as seen above) and now not hinder with illustration of the sound wave, appearing in a small space under it, with an arrangement that many hoped anxiously

So is the new SoundCloud design image 5

We will see that in one place under tabs gather information about people that we, our followers, “Likes” or music that we liked marked with a heart, and also, the comments we have made in other songs:

So is the new SoundCloud design image 6

Finally, one of the best made in the new is dark gray bar you see on the top, which gives access to the three main sections, a search box, a pop-up notifications in real time a button to upload music (upload) and most striking of all: a small figurine of an audio waveform corresponding to the song you are currently listening to, in a feature called Continuous Play, which allows us to further explore the site keeping intact active play, being able to see what part of the song are as you go orange color filling the black:

So is the new SoundCloud design image 7

Other new features

Besides Continuous Play the new SoundCloud has several new features that promise a more social experience. We thus have the possibility to repost, ie take songs that are from other and share in the Stream of your friends as recommended by you, in the same way that work retweets on Twitter.

Finally, we have the ability to create sets of two or more songs, which can come from anywhere SoundCloud. The idea is that all the issues that add to a set are grouped under a single sound wave, like a continuous song, which is placed under our name and we can share like a sound of its own. For example, in this set there are three songs taken from other artists appear as follows:

So is the new SoundCloud design image 8

With the passage of time new users can be added to this beta version of the new SoundCloud, the company reserving a release date for the renewed official platform, which as we have seen, promise.

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