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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Science |

So will the world of science and technology in ten years

So will the world of science and technology in ten years

Believe it or not, there is the World Society, who cares, obviously, to predict what the future, well … in our world. You know. But they are a serious institution: are in about eighty countries and thousands of professionals working for them. They have an innovative magazine name, called The Futurist (The Futurist), which just published a very interesting article detailing a list of ten predictions for the tech world in ten years.

As we like to say to us in FayerWayer obviously this is about and not factual or yes we will see in the future, taking a lesson in flying cars, my grandfather died waiting and still fail. But current trends give us clues to what might happen in ten years in the future, and we will list best because if we say the word future once again in this post, we’re going to be sick.

  1. Scientists can predict what we will do before we do. And the intention to do something active certain streams of blood, which can determine patterns for what we do. The idea is, lacking only a machine that detects blood flow properly.
  2. Future cars will produce energy, not just spend. This idea is strange parked cars will be able to transform hydrogen into electricity biogas or others might take in exchange for money, probably on a planet where everyone has good intentions.
  3. Each person will have an aquarium in your kitchen where recycle their leftovers. Because we aquarium tanks in our homes and feed them to the fish to use their bodies as fertilizer for vegetables. Really.
  4. In economics, there will be fewer jobs, but more work. We know that even today there are problems of unemployment, however, in ten years people will develop personal skills to stay actively working in different areas, and not necessarily in a stable position. Something like the triumph of freelancers, because I work there.
  5. The next space age will begin in 2020 and will be funded by private. People multimillion which will push the space race of the future, developing new technologies and global operations, with the approval of governments. People like Paul Allen, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos would be at the forefront of this revolution.
  6. The Internet cloud will be smarter and not just store data. This means it will be a resource for everyday life, able to analyze our queries and give advice according to the context in which we find ourselves.
  7. Augmented reality will the reputation of the companies in the hands of users. With this, the reviews and opinions from people who have been in a place or tested any product, be as important in building the reputation of a company, and in this, the augmented reality technology will be the tool of letting people go their opinion during the day.
  8. Robots take care of people. With the passage of time, we will see new robots to move patients from one place to another so gentle, able to provide assistance to people with physical disabilities.
  9. Battery Recargaremos our gadgets with sound. Currently, we are developing a technology that converts microwave energy in the environment to generate electricity through small wireless sensors that could be present in future mobile phones, to recharge with external vibration and sound.
  10. An air analyzer will detect infections in humans and the presence of microbial or biochemical attacks. Something like an instrument of which today are used to measure the level of alcohol in the blood, is being developed to identify individuals in the presence of malicious agents such as Anthrax and even lung cancer, all through a simple and fast process.

Link: THE FUTURIST Magazine Releases Its Top 10 Forecasts for 2013 and Beyond (World Future Society)

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