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So would the restructuring of Microsoft

So would the restructuring of Microsoft

is in full restructuring, although the change of sense brewing company takes years and rumored takes time , approaching a new internal organization that will completely change the way the company is organized, but above all, we will clues about who will be the people behind Microsoft products such as Windows, Xbox, or web services.

Is expected next week, made the official announcement, but Bloomberg has had access to what might be present, showing that Microsoft is moving a lot, so they are to change the heads of almost all sections in Microsoft, and you know what happens when a new boss, some projects are stopped, others have more interest and accelerate.

To be clear, Microsoft is now divided into these segments: Division, Server and Tools, Microsoft Business Division, Online Services Division, Entertainment and Devices Division.

But we want to know who will be the handful of people responsible for the next few years Microsoft can keep up with sales leads and not fall into the trap of Post-PC era .

So would the restructuring of Microsoft image 2

Without changes, the current CEO is selected by the same Bill Gates and confirmed by the council members of Microsoft. His position does not seem to be at risk as Microsoft continues to sell hundreds of millions of licenses of Office and Windows, although it is clear that his job as CEO is to think of everything as make money for the next ten years and anticipate what is to come.

So would the restructuring of Microsoft image 3

The current head of Skype, the person responsible for the integration of Skype with all Microsoft products, you might have a new job that covers many areas. According to Bloomberg, Bates would be the new manager of acquisitions, developer relations, strategy and business development of software.

This means that Bates would be the person responsible for giving the nod to new acquisitions, something that Microsoft ever makes it big, do not forget the million dollar purchase of Skype and Yammer .

So would the restructuring of Microsoft image 4

The current head of Windows after Sinofsky output (we miss you Steve!) has been temporarily in charge of Windows, from almost launch in late 2012 and so far, when his presentation was greater during the first BUILD in Los Angeles in 2012 showing the possibilities of Windows 8 and the new features of Windows 8.1 .

Larson-Green Surely he has had the best part of Microsoft, or at least the most rumors and electronic ink rivers will generate, it would be responsible for carrying all Microsoft hardware, especially and Surface.

Microsoft is about to launch Xbox One this Christmas, which is already enough pressure considering that all the specialized media gives it as losing face PlayStation 4. But perhaps just as important is that the range of Surface, the first PC manufactured by Microsoft. You can expect a second generation for 2014, but this is an important step for Microsoft and its new plans to become a manufacturer and software developer.

Tip: She was responsible in his time Internet Explorer 3.0 and 4.0, you know who to thank.

So would the restructuring of Microsoft image 5

The current head of is put in front of one of the most important divisions Microsoft, Windows.

Yes, Windows could be a new division, a way of understanding that would be something separate from the rest of the company because the rest of the products are based on it. But important note, the Windows division integrate the development of Windows and Windows Phone in one place. I can not help thinking that this could lead to a near future where Windows would be a single OS for PC, tablet and smartphone.

So would the restructuring of Microsoft image 6

Nadella is the current head of the business area of ​​servers, maybe one side is not very fun and interesting for most of us but which offers great returns to Microsoft. Although keep the server business, now Microsoft’s would be responsible for an important area for the future of the company, Cloud Computing as well as products and services for businesses.

This would integrate the entire area as Cloud, one of the most important products for Microsoft professionals which is directly competing against a giant like Amazon.

So would the restructuring of Microsoft image 7

The current president of Microsoft’s online services, would be responsible for “engineering applications and services.” In his current position he has been responsible for products such as Bing search engine, which continues to grow but at a slow pace or services such as MSN, which remains one of those websites that get millions of hits a month, nobody-knows-well-as Well, if you know, putting it as the default homepage on all Windows world.

In his new role at Microsoft besides keeping Bing or MSN, you add all the web services as could be Outlook, Skype and online services Office.

Link: Microsoft CEO Said to Give Revamp Role in Mergers Bates (Bloomberg)

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