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Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Social Networking: Hackers specialize

Social Networking: Hackers specialize

cc @ colinnixon

All businesses evolve and the too. If the technique used so far was the mass, now this “market” has evolved and specialized through geolocation and information found on social networks.

As indicated from Kaspersky, specializing in security solutions, techniques have changed and are looking for select victims more effectively with the data collected by the geolocation (getting information about where users are located), automation and collection data showing our behavior when using a program on the PC.

What is the danger? That do not need to obtain human intervention, ie it is not directly request information or attempting to do some action as clicking a link.

Specifically hackers benefit of geolocation through applications like Foursquare and Google Maps, which are used on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or Google +.

More information you have in mind: All that is written on the that may be useful in addition to the location of the user, other data such as birthdays, hobbies, job information and even personal interests … can make their attacks are more specific. So do “as phishing” or only to users of a specific city, for example.

Before the attacks on social networks were overcrowded, trying to reach as many victims as possible and success is based on results with a small percentage. Clear examples are the spam on Twitter, the worm Koobface in Facebook or porn bots.

So therefore, the best and always be careful with the personal information we put on the network and not rely too much on security that seems to offer social networking, do not stop to check that none is safe enough: I can say the millions of LinkedIn users who were affected by the theft of passwords.

Link: Do you share your location on Facebook? (Kaspersky)

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