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Posted by on Jun 16, 2013 in Hardware News |

Softhand: The bionic hand best achieved so far

Softhand: The bionic hand best achieved so far

One of the biggest difficulties in the design of a robotic is to get one that has a very human and at the same time to execute skillfully and quickly the tasks of a human being. Usually designed hitherto hands or have very slow movements or moving awkwardly. In many cases, as a matter of Simpler, its design is far removed from the human hand model.

Experts from the University of Pisa in Italy, have perfected a anthropomorphic robotic hand, which achieves natural admirably perform precise movements. We approached the design increasingly more human hands and performant.

Softhand: The bionic hand best achieved so far image 2

The (“soft hand”) is able to unscrew the lid of a glass jar firmly, but gently make strawberries without crushing. Most remarkable of all, is that it can be manipulated as a prosthesis.

Electrodes placed strategically in precise areas of the forearm, hand is capable of reading the subtle muscle movements thereof by means of measurements of the electrical activity of muscles. Thus, the carrier of the hand, can perform the same tasks that a human hand can perform.

In the following video, we see how the operator drives the Softhand moving his hand without directly driven it some element, but the robot hand moves only interpreting the electrical signals from an electrode placed at the forearm muscle that works in coordination with a second electrode placed at the elbow.

The next stage in the development of this robotic prosthesis would perform trials with patients who have lost a hand or an arm in an accident. That Hand disabled access to this tool, it would be of great help to improve their quality of life, including the recovery of a sense of autonomy and satisfaction to perform their daily chores like everyone else.

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