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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Science |

Solar Impulse completed its first intercontinental flight

Solar Impulse completed its first intercontinental flight

The only plane that uses energy to fly, the has just completed successfully its first flight, travel to Europe and joined in a that lasted 19 hours straight at an average speed of 60 km / h and began in the city of Madrid to conclude in Rabat (Morocco).

Solar Impulse arrived at the airport of Rabat near 23.25 GMT with two helicopters escorting him. Once landing in the middle of a quiet night, 15 minutes after it fell Bertrand Piccard, the Swiss driver who spent 19 hours traveling in his car plunged from 5 am to midnight.

With this trip, the Solar Impulse became the first aircraft in history to have flown day and night without using other fuel other than the energy accumulated in the 12 000 photovoltaic cells covering its wings. The aircraft has a wingspan equivalent to that of an Airbus A340 and its weight is the equivalent of a family vehicle (1,600 kilos) and in the cabin just be the pilot.

So far, this has been the longest flight undertaken by this prototype solar aircraft, that after last year made its first flight at night in a nonstop flight between Switzerland and Brussels, then returned to the capital France.

The pilot of Solar Impulse said the purpose of these trips is to revolutionize air travel, but to show people how to clean and renewable energies can be linked to all technologies.

He noted that Morocco was not chosen at random to be the final destination of this trip, as this country has committed to renewable energy constantly, resulting in a project to occupy by 2020 energy comes from sources no fossils.

Ouarzazate is the next destination of the solar plane, within a week or two, that he declared Bakury Mustafa, head of the Moroccan Agency (MASEN). And just to emphasize the commitment of this country for clean energy in the city that possess the largest solar park in Africa.

We have a video so you can appreciate the most relevant for this trip.

Link: Solar Impulse solar-powered complete first Intercontinental flight (The Verge)

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