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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Science |

Solar Impulse flight made Switzerland – Madrid trial before around the world

Solar Impulse flight made Switzerland - Madrid trial before around the world

The only that uses energy to fly, the Solar , is making his final tests before his big challenge: turn the world in 2014. These trainings have brought to Madrid, where it landed this morning from and after 20 hours of flight.

At Madrid’s Barajas airport, the will make a “technical stop” until next Monday when continue their practices, taking to Morocco. In the Spanish capital and technical adjustments will be changed from pilot to continue the flight to Rabat.

The interesting thing about this experiment is that it allows to demonstrate the capabilities of the Solar Impulse to fly using solar energy: The goal is that the plane traveling a distance of 2,000 km without spending a drop of fuel and a zero emission dioxide carbon. Remarkable.

Its operation is made possible by a series of technical features that make it unique: It has 12 000 photovoltaic panels on its wings, is equivalent to the size of an Airbus A340 (63 meters), but its weight is equivalent to a family vehicle (1,600 kilos) and in the cabin only be a person sitting, the pilot obviously.

Speed is not your strong point, nothing is perfect … It reaches 40 km / h flies at about 3,600 meters. What is certain is that the Solar Impulse flights themselves are exciting because they represent progress as far as alternative energy research is concerned. If you are interested in monitoring the adventure of Impulse, recalls that his Web can follow his path in real time.

- The Solar Impulse plane took off from Switzerland towards Rabat, with a stopover in Madrid (La Vanguardia)
- Solar Impulse plane took off for Madrid to reach Morocco (BiobioChile)

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