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Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Hardware News |

Some details emerge on AMD Radeon HD GPUs 8000

Some details emerge on AMD Radeon HD GPUs 8000

has already completed the design of its graphics chips Sea Islands, which will eventually lead as a trade name Radeon and probably hit the market later this year in early 2013. But still lack details of the characteristics of future products, giving some insight of what today thanks to the always friendly and mysterious voices within the industry.

The most important thing is that GPUs will support 11.1, obtaining support for the latest generation of this API. On the other hand, AMD clarified that we can meet with the same number of shaders (cores) on the new chips Sea Islands in relation to its predecessor Northern Islands, which should not be taken as a parameter to compare results, as they say, ” 384 nuclei Sea Islands are not the same as 384 cores in Northern Islands. “

Now, as to the APUs, we know that the successor of Richland-called Trinity is not based on Pildriver-HD 7000 graphics will, while Kabini have the coveted HD 8000.

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