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Posted by on Jul 15, 2012 in Social Networks |

Some Facebook games no longer apply for permits to run

Some Facebook games no longer apply for permits to run

Today, any application or similar type game requires the famous user permissions before running: the dialog box that indicates where to access the application data could be done with them and so on. But some things will start to change in the social network, especially when it comes to and permissions.

Zynga, EA and signed an agreement with Facebook to skip that dialog and use the option “Play Now”, which means that the application does not require user to access some basic data, such as lists of friends, to other information, will require permits but the dialog boxes appear only when needed. Thus, the aforementioned companies hope to reduce what is called the “friction”, the obstacles that are presented to the player before you play.

For now this option is working on a limited basis to some users, but hopefully will gradually expand. Among the games included in the test are Indiana Jones Adventure World or Slingo, and from Facebook say so far the process has been successful because it has reduced the number of people who “eliminate” the application. Something that will surely of great interest to EA, Zynga, and the heavyweights of the social network games.

Link: Facebook Tests ‘start now’ option to allow users to begin playing games without Authorizing permissions (Inside Facebook)

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