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Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Hardware News |

Some few details Skylake PCH chipset future

Some few details Skylake PCH chipset future

A few hours ago we got the first details of future seventh generation Core microprocessors “Skylake” (although in its edition for servers: Xeon ), and from VR-Zone we get some few details of his companion chipset.

The filtered are still very premature, so it is currently unknown officer codenamed have these chipsets (or “PCH”), which for now are called PCH.

The current Intel chipsets 8 Series “Lynx Point” are manufactured with the manufacturing process, so it is likely that the manufacturing process is maintained in the other for socket LGA 1150 microprocessors, such as Intel chipsets 9 Series “Wildcat Point “that will make its appearance next year.

The microprocessors based on Skylake microarchitecture introduced many changes that will require a new socket, so it’s likely that Intel will also take to update the manufacturing process used in its chipsets, so the Skylake future could be made the manufacturing process to 22nm.

Among the few details have leaked that this chipset will have a slightly larger area than that of the chipsets “Lynx Point” and “(23x22mm 23x23mm against its predecessors), and other details concerning the packaging memores gathered in the following table :

Some few details Skylake PCH chipset future image 2

It is presumed that the first microprocessors based on micro-architecture Skylake be marketed between 2015 and 2016.

Link: ä»ç„¶ä¿æŒç‹¬ç«‹PCH设计, 2015å¹´Skylakeå¹³å°å°†ä¸ä¼šå…¨é¢å¯¼å…¥è®¾è®¡SoC (VR-Zone)


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