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Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Hardware News |

Some Office 2013 for Windows RT would be removed

Some Office 2013 for Windows RT would be removed

And all are above the boat to launch a tablet with the operating system RT, version that supports hardware platforms based on ARM micro-architecture chips. Beside him, the suite will also for Windows RT, which will be included free of charge and deliver its wide range of tools to laptop users.

However, everything seems so wonderful, because as indicated by the rumors and voices in the corridors within the industry, will remove certain features in Office 2013 RT, such as the ability to use macros, and support for the -ons, plug-ins from third parties.

The idea is to “optimize” this version of Office for Windows RT, software designed for tablets with energy independence, so the company would have thought it a good idea to remove Office features to save power at the expense of the freedom to use the functions which would be removed.

Now, nothing is completely decided and the decision could be amended in the future, especially considering that in October, along with the official launch of Windows 8 and the appearance of large numbers of tablets with Windows RT, will air a version of “evidence” Office 2013 RT, which will be updated when the final in early 2013.

Link: Office 2013 for Windows RT RT tablets will ship as Preview, macros and other features LACK (The Verge)

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