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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Companies |

Sony and Panasonic join forces to develop large OLED screens

Sony and Panasonic join forces to develop large OLED screens

As stated by saying that “in union there is strength”, the two Japanese giants of technology, and Panasonic, have decided to join efforts to develop a conjoined and modules with technology OLED TVs for use in large .

This was announced by both companies through a joint statement, which highlights the experience they have in the field: On the one hand he remembers Sony released its first TV in 2007 and has since continued research and development in this field and on the other has extensive experience in manufacture large screen and high resolution with this technology.

The Agreement means that by pooling their assets and expertise in developing this technology, improve productivity achieved in the development of large OLED panels from next year.

And we ended the intent of this Alliance Sony-Panasonic is developing a new generation of large screens and OLED technology, enabling them to lower production costs and therefore “democratize” the technology.

How will this news for and LG? Surely they will not stay idly by, so we’ll see if the Koreans are encouraged to ally too … Do you bet?

Link: Sony and Panasonic to Collaborate on the Joint Development of Next Generation OLED Panels for TVs / Displays Large-sized (Sony)

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