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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Companies |

Sony announces the closing of a plant in Japan to cut 2000 jobs

Sony announces the closing of a plant in Japan to cut 2000 jobs

More job cuts in large technology: now up to has announced that before we say goodbye to 2012, will reduce its workforce by 2,000 employees through an early retirement program.

The decision is part of the restructuring plan that the Japanese announced a few months ago and including total loss of 10,000 jobs, 40% of which will be reduced at its headquarters in Japan.

Particularly in the context of this plan, Sony has announced that in March closed its operations in Minokamo plant in Japan, which currently employs more than 800 people in the manufacture of lenses for electronic devices.

The reason for these cuts? It is no secret that is going through a tough economy and urgently needs to improve its market share, which is concentrating its efforts in that direction: They want to focus their operations on the core of your business to be more competitive .

And here is where, in my view, is the most interesting to consumers: Check the type of strategy adopted by the company in an increasingly competitive market … Bet?

Link: Sony closed a factory and cut 2,000 jobs in Japan for early retirement (Portaltic)

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