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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Hardware News |

Sony distributes its games developer kits for PlayStation 4

Sony distributes its games developer kits for PlayStation 4

For several weeks it was rumored that was readying new kits for game developers support future 4, which were based on hardware. From Xbit Labs report that Sony has begun the distribution of these kits confirmed the rumors.

The Developer’s for (codenamed Orbis) consist of a PC made by AMD 10 (not revealed the exact model), with eight or 16GB of DDR3 memory, 256GB hard drive (not specified if an SSD or not) and Bluray drive.

It is known that previous development kits were based on an Intel CPU AMD graphics accompanied, so knowing the close relationship between hardware and software consoles can deduce that the PlayStation 4 will be based on the x86 architecture and will be accompanied AMD Radeon graphics DirectX 11 specifications confirming the many rumors circulating about it.

PlayStation 4 will be able to run games at HP 1080P Full-resolution and stereoscopic 3D mode, so it is not clear if the which will be based on an APU or a dedicated GPU together with a x86 CPU ( manufactured by Intel or AMD), but could also be a new APU specially designed for this console.

Expect more details on the console next year.

Link: Sony Starts to Ship Second-Generation PlayStation 4 “Orbis” Development Kit – Report (Xbit Labs)

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