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Posted by on Jul 19, 2012 in Hardware News |

Sony makes demonstration of its new thermal conductive sheet

Sony makes demonstration of its new thermal conductive sheet

Sony, one of the largest technology companies in the industry has made a recent of its future product focused on improving the conductivity: the thermal sheet EX20000C.

The thermal conductive sheet EX20000C (currently still a prototype, but expected to soon develop the final version) is made of an alloy based on fiber-silicon has a thickness of between 0.3 to 2 mm, a thermal resistance of 0.2K to 0.4 cm ² / W, and a compression load of about 1 to 3 kg f/cm .

In a live demonstration held last week during the event Techno-Frontier 2012 (Tokyo) Sony’s solution was reduced in three degrees the of a microprocessor in comparison with the thermal paste traditional (50° vs. 53°), which outlines a this solution as a future replacement of the current thermal paste.

The thermal conductive sheet has several other advantages over the thermal paste as a longer duration (time of degradation is much greater than the thermal paste), do not adhere to the chip, so no future hamper extraction; also facilitate installation by the user and prevent the waste (not required to clean the chip and the heatsink as it is to reapply the thermal paste).

It is expected that the thermal conductive sheet Sony makes its debut initially on high-end servers. It is unknown when it will be available for the consumer market and what their price.

Link: The end is nigh of thermal paste? (TechHum)

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