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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Hardware News |

Sony Optiarc closed, the subsidiary that manufactures optical drives

Sony Optiarc closed, the subsidiary that manufactures optical drives

As said, it may be that there is stiff competition in the market, with many participants fighting a seat and driving prices to such low points, which become unsustainable over time, it works almost always at a loss. Or this may be another symptom of something that has long been seen coming: the death of the optical drives.

Whatever the case, the fact is that Sony has decided to close one of its subsidiaries, in this case Inc., which is dedicated to make this kind of device and now completely closed, despite having about 15% of the total market share. This will be implemented in March 2013 and will be offered the “early retirement” to about 400 workers, while the rest will be re-positioned in other areas within the same surely Sony or another of its subsidiaries.

Could it be the first step in an unanticipated death of optical drives? The Intel ultrabooks and new MacBook Pro Apple Retina Display have already warnings that the future trend will abandon this technology, and now with the loss of this major player in the industry, things are not favorable for our beloved CDs and DVDs.

Link: Sony getting out of PC optical drive business due to ‘fierce competition’ (Engadget)

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