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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Entertainment |

Sony patented a system that would interrupt a session of games to display advertising

Sony patented a system that would interrupt a session of games to display advertising

Can you imagine the pre-entrance to the castle housing the cup defenders of Doom (?), A time fraught with tension and nervousness after spending dozens of hours at the console or PC, to appear suddenly the voice of a speaker and the image of an energy drink inviting us to take it before the big match? Ridiculous situations like that could happen if successful the system patented by to stop the players very publicity within the game environment.

Let’s say Sony is being very clear in recent years, the ideal strategy to consolidate years of supremacy in the world of and games. Following the controversial failure and leakage of private data on your network of players online and the announcement of its global strategy One Sony to catch up and money, this news may fall as the final blow for fans of the products of Nippon.

How this system will drop ads that interrupt your game to a user in addition to buying your console, spend money in securities and pay your monthly subscription services online? Definitely wrong.

A NeoGAF forum user discovered patent filed by Sony under the title “Advertisement Scheme for Use with interactive content” , a proposal to offer through an automated system, a scheme within the content using the interactive user. That is, the absence of television and its guidelines, those wishing to protect their consoles in both commercial television, end up suffering the same ordeal in their favorite games.

As detailed in the patent, the system will not surprise the user to gamer but will advance with a few seconds of time on the run.

The complaints were immediate NeoGAF forum, where users considered this future implementation as one of the worst in recent years, besides which undoubtedly break the trust and friendship between the brand and its customers, who pay large sums to keep their content updated to have the strength to consume advertising guidelines in their gaming environments.

Link: Sony Playstation patents method for in-game advertising That stops to show a commercial games (DigitalTrends)

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