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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Companies, Economy |

Sony shares at their lowest since 1980

Sony shares at their lowest since 1980

Hard times continue for is that today, its shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange recorded a loss that put them in the lowest level not seen since the eighties.

The Actions of the Japanese company came down for months but today was the last straw when at the close of business, each share of Sony worth just under $ 996 JPY equivalent to USD $ 12.72. Five years ago, each share of JPY cost Sony $ 7,000 – almost $ 90 – and in 2000 reached $ 33.500 JPY price of what today would be USD $ 427.

The losses , as we know is due to low sales in the TV industry as well as in other areas. To this is added the bags generally behaved badly during today, amid fears that the U.S. economy is weakening, that growth in China is reduced, since the European crisis worse. Also, the value of the yen is at its highest point since November 2000. The yen’s rise affects sales of the Japanese company.

Will tonight at the E3 conference achieved an announcement to halt the decline of their actions? Sony expected this fiscal year to have some profit.

Link: Sony belowe dips for first time 1,000 yen since 1980 (Bloomberg)

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