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Posted by on Jul 1, 2013 in Gadgets |

Sony Smart Watch is now available in Argentina

Sony Smart Watch is now available in Argentina

One device that sparked consumer interest in this year was that of smart watches . The presence and participation of large technology market brands like Sony, Apple, Google, Microsoft and LG among others, paved the way for the growth of these is assured.

In Argentina, the first to arrive was the SmartWatch is compatible with Android and the only time that allows developers to create their own firmware for the device.

Basically a SmartWatch is an extension of cellular functions on our wrist, nothing revolutionary from the point of view of functionality, but convenient if we could redefine how we consume information from our phones and devices.

This model, which went on sale today in has a OLED multi-touch screen within a quadrant 36mmx36mmx8mm thick and is compatible with any mesh 20 mm watches.

Among the main features, we find tasks that consume us most of the time in front of our devices: apps, calendar, messaging, social networking and music, all within a watch that has a battery charging between one days and a week according to the intensity of use.

The only limitation of this particular SmartWatch is you can not take phone calls from other brands other than Sony, which no doubt will greatly limit the scope within the local market. Do these devices will help or complicate us with current dependence mobile devices? It will be up to see how the market develops and awakens enthusiasm level users.

For those who have found their soul mate, this model is now available in stores Sony official, priced at AR $ 1.499 (U.S. $ 283) from today. For those who prefer to wait for version 2 of this model (see video), which has NFC and compatibility with other devices, will have to open your ears to hear the release date, and that just six days was presented to society in the Mobile Asian Expo in Shanghai.

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