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Posted by on Jun 7, 2013 in Hardware |

Sony Vaio Ultrabook Pro at first sight

Sony Vaio Ultrabook Pro at first sight

After Intel presented its Haswell processor line, Vaio Pro showed an ultrabook in versions 11.6 and 13.3 inches, and 1.06 kg with 870g ultrabooks would be the lightest on the market (according to Sony).

A few minutes ago I had a chance to play with both versions for the VAIO Summer event in Mexico. The company showed the Vaio Pro along with other models like Duo 13, Fit and Fit E, to be discussed later.

At first glance

Sony Vaio Ultrabook Pro at first sight image 2

The first impression with the Pro is that it is lightweight, extremely light. Someone who carries his laptop everywhere appreciate that barely reaches the kilogram. The housing is manufactured from carbon fiber and the keyboard is set so that when you open the lid, it is slightly tilted.

The Vaio Pro features a Full HD touchscreen Triluminos technology, the same which is incorporated in Bravia TVs and provides a better representation of the colors. I had a chance to see a couple of videos to check color management and found it very good. According to Sony this technology compensates green and blue to display optimally.

Sony Vaio Ultrabook Pro at first sight image 3

The screen comes with a coating that is enemy of fingerprints, the problem is that there is some friction that prevents the gestures or movements are fluid (unlike the Vaio Duo, for example). There is an anti-glare film so you should not suffer to be provided externally or near light sources. Likewise has a protective film that prevents scratches or wear (like the touch keyboard that occurs in some laptops).

Both models have chiclet keyboard, with the 13-inch which feels more comfortable. We also found a sensor that controls the backlight, same to be active in low light conditions (similar to the Chromebook Pixel ).

At the bottom there is a trackpad with NFC functionality that allows some devices connect. In the demo we saw the presentation was synchronized with a speaker to play your music library. The feel of the trackpad is good, especially for those who use gestures, the movement is smooth and respond well to the touch.

Sony Vaio Ultrabook Pro at first sight image 4

In terms of connectivity there are two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, 3.5mm output to connect your headphones. On the opposite side is the current input only. At the rear there is a port to place an extra battery, similar to what we saw in the series S. According to the representative of Sony, integrating the battery only increase the weight 200 grams (for 13-inch model).

If there is a criticism that would do to the design is that the polycarbonate makes you feel anything but smart. Some time ago a friend told me “if I buy a $ 1000 device not want him to feel like $ 300″ and I happen to Vaio Pro, at least with the 11-inch model. I think that by design (keyboard, trackpad, screen) and hardware, the choice would be the 13-inch Pro.

Sony Vaio Ultrabook Pro at first sight image 5

Similarly encountered some problems with the trackpad when you press one of the corners to make the click. Need more pressure than normal which makes me think that those who are used to control and will have no choice but to rely on a mouse.

Due to the nature of the event could not do more testing of the hardware or the battery. Wait to have it longer to test it thoroughly.

The equipment will be available in July and August in Mexico, the suggested prices are:
“: $ 16.799 (USD $ 1,302)
“: $ 17.999 to $ 23.999 (USD $ 1,379 to USD $ 1,860)

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