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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Gadgets |

Sony wants to identify the DNA of its users to avoid piracy

Sony wants to identify the DNA of its users to avoid piracy

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A curious patent application appeared this weekend, from Sony, which poses using to identify a user, and prevent piracy. A genetic DRM, you could say.

“As an alternative to fingerprint sensors, a sensor of DNA could use a microneedle collect a small sample of a body fluid (eg blood) and the sample used to determine the DNA signature that is unique to the user” , says the paper.

The application explains a series of “disadvantages” of current systems, for example, you do not have much information on the person or persons who use a device, and if these people are different from those who recorded the first device.

To fix this, not only proposes to use a system of DNA, but biometric sensors and retina readers, facial recognition, voice analyzers and others.

The system could be used in laptops, game consoles, mobile phones and other devices. “In some embodiments of the present invention, a user profile can be generated (…) user behavior can be monitored and information collected from patterns user behavior may be part of the profile. The profile can be used to adjust the operation of the device to a particular user. In the case of a video game console, the profile might include information about particular types of games that the user downloads “he says.

Usage profile then be associated with the user’s identity, which would be used to deliver better ads, and also to prevent the user from accessing content that are not yours. “Versions of the invention may be used to prevent share in an unauthorized online accounts. A biometric identifier such as a fingerprint, which is generated during ordinary use of online content, allows the content server 602 to determine if a user is trying to access an online account is the user associated with that account, “says the document.

Also try to exploit the system to prevent illegal copying. “By associating content with an authorized user, each single discharge can be made so that only the authorized user (ie, one that has paid for content), may access. This technique can be used to prevent hacking or copies to steal music, software and other copyrighted content. “

Of course, the information in our DNA, fingerprints, retinas and others would be stored on Sony’s servers, which might not be very wise .

As hope is to remember that this is a request and if the grant does not necessarily mean that it will be using – but what they thought.

Link: Patent SCE plans to track your DNA, Fingerprints, Voice Patterns, Iris, Face (PlayStation Lifestyle)

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