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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Gadgets |

Sony will be killed with cassette recorder

Sony will be killed with cassette recorder

Two years ago, we went with the cassette Walkman . Today, we announce the death of a distant cousin of this device: voice recorder with at the hands of Sony, which announced the cessation of production of the models TCM-400, and TCM-450, the last that remained alive.

Starting next year, ie in a few weeks, and not be made over these mythical gadgets, best friends classic journalists, psychologists generally old and everyone who wanted to make a recording to be stored in a cassette, format while the CD was killed, however, kept alive a time for tasks that needed re-record content, as in this case, until they reached the NAND flash memory and gave the final blow to the little box with tape , entering the famous “pen drives” and mobile phones to fulfill the work of the TCM series.

Despite this, some players are still selling audio cassette input and will surely soon to stop seeing these devices in the market, marking the end of the era-not in terms of digital audio.

Link: Sony to cease tape recorder shipments in early 2013 (Electronista)

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