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Posted by on Jul 26, 2012 in Venture |

South Korean artist to launch its own satellite into space home


According to the Korean artist Ho June Song , he will be the first person who designed and built for himself to launch its own into space. What is the idea? Demonstrate your $436 satellite, called OPENSAT , that “all people can achieve their dreams.”

“Making a satellite is no more difficult to make a mobile phone,” said Song, whose experience in the area obtained by the engineering school, whose professional practice was done by a small private company that builds satellites, where the idea was born create the OIOS initiative (acronym for Open Source Satellite Initiative, Initiative for a satellite or open source), which led to contacts with experts from Slovenia to Paris.

Song said it was “only an individual, not someone working for universities, corporations, armies, so people have been so receptive and cooperative to give me information.” With this knowledge, Song created a satellite of 10 cubic centimeters and a kilo of transmit weight information in Morse code with LED lights on the operation of your battery, and temperature and rotation speed of the solar panel.

The satellite will be launched in December from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, the oldest launch facility still in operation, and according to Song, chose to build a satellite specifically to symbolize that absolutely anything can be done with the help of internet and social platforms.

A notable initiative of an artist when he created the manual for your OIOS initiative , stated that “when becomes practical, we call technology. When technology becomes useless, we call it art. “

Link: South Korean artist to launch homemade satellite in September (Telegraph)

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