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Posted by on May 19, 2012 in Science |

SpaceX aborted its takeoff at the last second

SpaceX aborted its takeoff at the last second

That would be the historic launch the first to the International was not carried out, Aborting mission at the last second when they began to fire the engines for takeoff.

In the morning from Cape Canaveral in Florida, everything was ready for the launch scheduled for 4:55 a.m. (UTC-4) and the eyes were on the Falcon 9, installed in the complex of to launch into space together Dragon the capsule. The reverse counting began in the voice of the announcer from NASA, George Diller, who managed to count to “T-0″ and I was saying “despegueeee” when nothing happened.

The sequence of firing of the rockets had begun, but the pressure in the fifth engine appeared to be too high. Once arrived at the limit, the software aborted the takeoff. The president of SpaceX, Gwynne Shotwell said that the problem apparently is in the engine itself and not the sensors or software, which had been the causes of past delays in the launches.

The cancellation came off in the second “T-0, 5″, less than a second before, after four engines to run well, and only the fifth showed an abnormality. Although disappointed those who hoped to see the rocket take off into space, it is better to abort a and prepare better safe than lose the whole apparatus of a problem.

“This is not a failure, abort with a purpose. It would be a failure if we had taken off with an engine tending to this direction, “Shotwell said at a news conference.

The next flight will be attempted on Tuesday 22 at 03:44 (UTC-4). You must wait for that date to the space station is in a good position in the orbit to minimize the amount of propulsion needed to get there. The team hopes to save as much fuel as possible to complete then the test tasks required by NASA.

The company is evaluating whether the rocket can be repaired or replace it again.

If successful, the SpaceX rocket would become a transport of supplies and, perhaps later, astronaut into space.

Link: SpaceX launch aborted as engine ignition Begins (Wired)

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