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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Science |

Spain: A cable to recharge batteries and download media on electric cars

Spain: A cable to recharge batteries and download media on electric cars

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The (CTAG) and Telefonica are behind the project that can download media in electric cars while recharging the batteries. This system is already proving successful. Where? For in the parking Welgood Solutions, in Vigo (Galicia).

Operation is simple: We got our electric car, I plugged it into power to the park and then once you download multimedia content (music, movies …) and recharge the batteries.

How do we decide that we want to download content? Before you start the download and one of the following ways: Through the screen that has the car or using an application on your mobile.

Once you choose what we want to give us the possibility to pay through Payment is Movistar. Then we can start downloading all the time controlled remotely from the phone to see how it goes … After paying, you unlock the cable.

More new features allowing this project: Book from the phone screen or from the car parking where recharging and will indicate how we pass, if fast or slow.

New technologies are also used to access parking: Bringing the mobile station access and NFC will open the barrier and a map will be displayed indicating where the car is the place we have booked.

To exit the parking lot the same, closer the phone and again thanks to technology will lift the barrier.

It seems that with this project we will earn enough in comfort in addition to using clean energy. Electric cars are a favorite choice for many and also being upgraded.

I leave you a video if you want to browse.

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