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Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in Internet |

Spain could ask Google to remove the Constitutional Court rulings

Spain could ask Google to remove the Constitutional Court rulings

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Historically there have been two types of humans: Some who aspire to fame and would do it to get it, and others who prefer to lead a normal life in anonymity. The thing is that in these times, the “age of Google”, it is increasingly difficult to be an anonymous on the Internet (hey, I said “anonymous” anonymous, not as a member of “Anonymous” …) .

Anyway, before such a scenario, we have seen in more than a couple of times, the approach of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) on the personal information stored in your search results. The emphasis, for example, the issue of rulings, which lists names, identity numbers and other personal data of citizens who feel that to some extent they violate their right to privacy.

In this regard, a recent decision of the has recognized that it is your obligation to ask the guys from Mountain View to stop its search index in the judgments of the Court published in the Official Gazette (BOE), if they receive requests for people whose details are listed therein and which are deemed to violate your rights.

While this request may relate to a matter of freedom of information, for example, because the asking Google to remove these documents can be seen as censorship, or something like that, the fact is that the is more complex since documents would be requested to be removed are judgments of the Constitutional Court, which hath power over these documents and it is contemplated that reproduction should be limited to official webpages.

So, given this ruling, the withdrawal requests received documents about Google, they should be processed by the browser. As pointed out in EP, the AEPD requests must be followed by Google, although in some cases in which the seeker has found that such requests are not relevant, have raised complaints to the National Court: These data have not been removed because it is awaiting the Court of Justice decision on these requests at the end … that bureaucracy always prevails.

Link: The Case of the Constitutional Court may be removed from Google (EuropaPress)

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