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Posted by on May 24, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet |

Spain: Do not eat alone, you have to Gruppit

Spain: Do not eat alone, you have to Gruppit

is a website where you join up with the intention of meeting people with similar interests as yours. No, this is a page of pickups or find a partner, now I see the idea … It’s more than that. This is going to dinner and spend some time talking about what we like: They can be hobbies can be labor issues, etc.. Currently available in Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo and Valencia.

What are the excuses to participate in these dinners? Photography, entrepreneurs, kitchenettes, languages, travelers, networking, internet … The themes of the last dinners: Africa Symposium in Madrid, Tibet in Barcelona, dinner raffle novice traveler dinner knowing the India, dinner Betabeers for web and application …

The whole idea of the behind Gruppit: Turn it over to the reality of the Internet. In other words, the Network encourages communication but then the people away, so Gruppit intends to use the virtual world to get to relate to the real.

How it works You register on the site, see the dinners are scheduled, check that there are places available and if there is one that interests you: Booking and pay. A coupon will arrive in your email, print it and go.

And before you point us, unless we are the first, we see more people going to supper in their profile or by clicking on the link to their Facebook accounts if they put him.

Are there rules? Well, yes. In all living, however cortita whatsoever, any: Try not to be late, to avoid sensitive topics, do not use mobile phones during dinner, drinks and meals are separate for two hours. We, the usual.

News Now: The Crea your dinner, make your group. Soon anyone will be able to use the site to offer a dinner, theme, date and Gruppit handles. It is a service available to companies, social networks, associations or just someone who wants to organize a dinner from a topic that interests you.

A good idea for those who do not have spare time and just want to go to dinner without a commitment to repeat the experience or for those who want to meet new people with similar interests.

Link: Gruppit

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