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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Entertainment |

Spain for the elimination of references to ETA in Counter Strike

Spain for the elimination of references to ETA in Counter Strike

The over the imminent arrival of “Global Offensive” the new release of Counter Strike, of which we spoke earlier , and in which the player can embody the militant group ETA, is served: The Basque Government has requested to the developer of the game to remove the references to because “humiliated” their victims.

Speaking to news agency Europa Press, the central government delegate in the Basque Country, Carlos Urquijo, has asked the U.S. company Corporation that the sale does not take the game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” as intended, because the offer the possibility of players representing a member of the terrorist group ETA is like for him “absolute nonsense” and “immorality” that “humiliates” the victims.

It is expected that the launch of the new release of takes place next week, but given the request of the Basque Country Government do not know if it is delayed. It is hoped that Urquijo Valve means that if the game hit the market would be an “offense” all Spanish “that both have suffered from terrorist violence, so that now frivolice” making her a virtual game ” .

The Government representative recalled that the Basque ETA terrorist activity, has claimed the lives of 857 people in Spain, so he has asked respect from the gaming industry, said while the company have resolved this controversy in a friendly way, without resorting to legal action.

also complains

Meanwhile, the Consumers Association FACUA has also spoken against the representation of the group “Separatist” in the new release of Counter Strike, given the great similarities they have with the terrorist group ETA.

The Consumers’ Association calls on the company that takes the code of conduct of the gaming industry in Europe, PEGI, and not display images that may offend the dignity of certain sectors, as in this case the victims of ETA terrorism:

“The trivialization of suffering and violence that makes this type of game he preaches contradicts what the industry itself through its code of conduct, which expressly does not infringe on human dignity.”

They insist that invite fun on terrorism through a huge game betrays a lack of sensitivity on the part of its creators:

“Valve expects FACUA rethink the severity of the contents of your game and make the necessary changes so that when it’s released has been removed anything that could be associated with ETA, out of respect for the victims and their environment.”

It is envisaged that the new release of Counter Strike goes on sale on 21 August, but given the controversy that has been created in Spain, that date could be delayed, if Valve decides to pay attention to requests that are made to eliminate references to ETA.

The Basque Government asked to withdraw references to ETA Counter Strike (Europa Press)
requests the manufacturer FACUA ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ to remove the symbols of respect ETA victims (FACUA)

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