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Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 in Gadgets |

Spain: Fujitsu U772 and two ultrabooks UH572

Spain: Fujitsu U772 and two ultrabooks UH572

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Within the international event “IT Future 2012″ held in Madrid, has introduced its two ultrabooks, the and UH572, which will be available in the market the first week of July.

What are the characteristics shared by both? We find two processors including Intel Core third generation, thanks to what may be enjoying a powerful battery: An approximately 10 hours in the U772 model and 9 hours in the UH572.

Also offered in a mouse trackpad multi-touch gesture recognition and recognizing gestures like spreading the fingers, etc..

What about security? To protect personal identity and information in general, the two have the following: Intel Anti Theft Technology, Computrace BIOS, HDD password protection and Kensington lock. That is, among other things in case of theft can perform a remote data delete and disable the device when you connect to the network. Also have hard drive protection in case of falls.

They can choose between two colors: silver and red.

Spain: Fujitsu U772 and two ultrabooks UH572 image 2

On the Lifebook U772 is a high-end ultrabook thought to travel. Confirm Features: Its size, 14 inches, its weight, 1.4 kilos, the battery life and a quick start. Furthermore, this particular model, has some more security features including a biometric fingerprint sensor.

More details: A frameless HD WXGA screen to expand the view from edge to edge equipment and a large hard drive, SSD, which added to the Intel technology ExpressCache facilitate quick start to work again with the ultrabook immediately after being in the standby mode.

In order to avoid interference has five antennas: two for 3G, two for Wireless and Bluetooth. It also has a LED indicator of high-definition webcam that alert you if it is on. He admits to being off charging via USB. Its housing is made of magnesium.

Both models are configurable and for example the U772 is available with the Intel Core 5 or with the Intel Core 7, with optional WWAN 3G or 4G. Another option: A port replicator that will connect an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Price? Initially about 1,600 euros, VAT included (USD $ 2,027), depending on which options are chosen, the price increase.

Spain: Fujitsu U772 and two ultrabooks UH572 image 3

As for the Lifebook UH572, is intended to be “a true mobile office”. Your screen is 13.3 inches, weighs 1.6 kilos and its casing is aluminum.

Its processor is Intel Core 5 and incorporates the latest Intel WiDI2 (Wireless Display) to connect to the TV wirelessly. It also has a HDMI port to connect to a hi-definition.

The base price will be on about 1,250 euros, VAT included (USD $ 1.586).

Then we will have two more ultrabooks on the market that seem pretty powerful.

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