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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Internet |

Spain: Premiered online program to quit smoking

cc @ Karol-Stroz

If you tried to quit several times and you have not got maybe this is your chance: Do not we all go the same methods to achieve the same ends. So maybe this time may be short: The Madrid and have launched a free to quit in six months.

Objective: The aim is mainly to help all who want to quit but can not attend and support programs that provide hospitals for scheduling problems. And the advantage that the users can connect when they want, they can immediately receive the answers to the questionnaires to complete for further treatment.

The next steps are simple: Go into the program and register. But these are not simply continue a program step by step. Behind this initiative is a team consisting of a pulmonologist doctor, a psychologist and a degree in nursing can get in touch with users. Among other things, evaluate the dependence of the smoker and sent by e-mail recommendations and instructions .

After leaving the snuff also continue with the evaluation to help with withdrawal symptoms. And with the intention to motivate and not fall back into temptation, at six months get a diploma as a reminder that has been achieved.

What uses more resources on the Web? Downloading as a pdf readings will accompany during the different stages of future non-smokers. They are divided into three groups: to read before quitting a week without smoking, and a month without smoking. In these readings can be accessed around the world, right or not the program through Internet.

The titles are suggestive: Relapse Prevention, What to do when the urge is irresistible, Dietary education …

A web option to consider to leave “bad smoke”.

Link: Hospital Carlos III, Madrid Health

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