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Posted by on Jul 23, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet | 1 comment

Spain: Samsung introduced app for live Olympic Games in its Smart TV

Spain: Samsung introduced app for live Olympic Games in its Smart TV

The countdown to the start of the London Olympic Games has begun, and both the media and manufacturers are committed to make the best sports that date, which in Spain is experienced in summer.

Because of this association is not surprising that this morning we talked the guys from Spain, with Spanish have launched a unique application for Korean television, where viewers can watch live each competitions in London, “as if they were in the place of games,” they say.

The application, which have been called “Live Olympic” provides information on everything that is happening in the different disciplines in a differential London: Up to 12 channels of live broadcasts.

Spain: Samsung introduced app for live Olympic Games in its Smart TV image 2

Application of and Samsung for the Olympics London 2012

It works something like this: You will see on the screen of your TV Smart a sort of “schedule” with twelve channels, which show different sports and different competitions that take place simultaneously, so you select what you want to see live . Stat: Just do not see the live saved in a file and you can consult later.

As explained by Raul Martin, Director of the Division of Audio and Video of Samsung Electronics Iberia, the user of this application feel, thanks to its Smart TV, “as being in the Olympic Stadium in London.”

Important: The folks at Samsung emphasized that users who do not already have a can access these applications and content through “Smart Blu-ray” in Korean, and “Blu-ray Home Cinema Smart “to optimize a TV” dumb “and access to specific applications of the Smart TV: Both players have an Internet connection, and can interact with the ecosystem of Samsung applications on any TV.

Having seen this is certainly a different way to experience the Olympic Games, because as we know, we usually have to settle for seeing the competition to transmit the channel through which we follow the and little else we can choose us … So the idea of Samsung and RTVE is precisely to be that viewers select what they prefer to see and when.

Well, is that ultimately these Olympics will be different with or without smart TVs, because with the boom of social networking and mobile applications, for example, live in a very different from the previous … Things of technology.

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1 Comment

  1. And we are are proud to have built the Olympics app here in Lomdon at TV App Agency.