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Posted by on Aug 14, 2012 in Entertainment |

Spain: Video game allows you to portray a member of ETA

Spain: Video game allows you to portray a member of ETA

The next installment of the popular video game “Counter-Strike”, titled, “Global Offensive” in its traditional confrontation between police and terrorists, allows the player to give life to a member of ETA .

While we call them directly ETA, but “Separatists”, allowed a clear understanding of who rendered first by their dress: Includes typical white hood and the ‘beret’, ie, the hat or beret as we see in the picture accompanying This paper is a screenshot of the video below:

In addition, the description of the “Separatists,” the authors of the game end for data revealing that remind us to specify that is a “European minority faction” committing “egregious acts of terror to achieve their nationalist vision “for an” overwhelming desire to self-determination “.

Thus, in the new release of Counter-Strike which goes on sale on August 21 and will be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and PC, members of the separatist group fighting against one of the most respected anti-terrorist units in the world the Intervention Group of the National Gendarmerie France (GIGN), the French elite counterterrorism group.

How about the similarity of the “Separatists” with ETA? Particularly I think is a way to call things by their name that have joined the band between groups, much to ensure abandoning armed activity, what they have done throughout their history can not be erased or with all the time in the world …

Now, perhaps it is uncomfortable for families of victims of ETA know there players in the world trying to win the game embodying a member of ETA, is not it? Although not exaggerate, because it is a game and also gives the player a clear opportunity to be part of terrorist groups, so ideologies aside, this is an action game and there is something for everyone.

Link: A famous video game can step into the shoes of a member of ETA (El Mundo)

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