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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Hardware News |

Spanish researchers augmented reality system designed to improve communication between students and teacher

Spanish researchers augmented reality system designed to improve communication between students and teacher

at the University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) have developed a that allows teachers to receive feedback from their students to know who has questions or indicate something the teacher using augmented reality technology.

In higher education, teachers would find the balance between caring for the students “inquisitive” interrupting constantly, and never ask for shyness. And do it without interrupting the pace of the class. In short, it seeks to student-teacher to make better use of the class. At the moment, the system is designed for college classes.

The system works by using a pair of augmented reality (AR) made from the Kinect, a server for the system (which is obviously the university server or other educational institution of higher education), and smartphones of students .

Using an app on your smartphone connected to the system server, students can communicate with the teacher in a simple and quick messages like: “I do not understand the concept”, “Please explain more slowly”, “I have a question”, etc. . To communicate with the teacher, students use the application installed on their smartphones.

When one or more students want to convey something to the teacher, he will see an icon on the head of each student, since the screen of his special glasses. The symbol indicates quickly, what the student wants to say, without interrupting his chair unnecessarily.

Using the system, the teacher can also send questions predefined phones of students, and PPT presentations simultaneously control with hand gestures through the Kinect on glasses.

For the system to work is essential to the server that serves as a link between the glasses and smartphones of students.

The main advantage of this device is that students have a new form of communication that allows them to be in contact with the teacher immediately and private without disrupting the class.

Here the video of the Carlos III University of Madrid, which presents the system in action.

Link: Spanish Researchers use AR glasses and smartphones to aid classroom student-teacher communications (


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