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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Science |

Spanish scientists develop method for predicting cancer metastasis

Spanish scientists develop method for predicting cancer metastasis

Good news to end the week! A major breakthrough in the fight against just to get a group of scientists, who have developed a to predict whether breast cancer or lung metastases occur elsewhere in the body, which can determine whether you should be chemotherapy.

To make the using biochips with which to analyze the genetic information of the breast and lung tumors, allowing them to differentiate, through mathematical and statistical tools, if tumors develop metastases or not.

Does the utility? Predicting the of a is an important advance in cancer treatment because it can determine whether a patient should undergo chemotherapy.

Currently, is administered preventively, to the damage that this has for the organism, but thanks to this method developed by professionals of the Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT), only be administered to patients who really required: Only if it is predicted that will metastasis, chemotherapy attacks.

Of course, the application of this method will not begin immediately, since it requires appropriate scientific validation for implementation in hospitals, a process that can last about two years, according to researchers … So you have to take it easy, but it certainly is a very good news for medicine.

Link: Spanish scientists are able to predict breast cancer metastasis and lung (20 minutes)

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