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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet |

Spotify desktop synchronizes with mobile versions

Spotify desktop synchronizes with mobile versions

For a while in the mobile version of an option to indicate whether or not we like a particular song, thanks to the famous thumbs up or down (thumbs up, thumbs down). And now, this function also makes an appearance in the desktop version of Spotify.

Along with this feature, people Spotify also implemented the between desktop and mobile applications, so that have been tuned in an environment, are also displayed in the other. Likewise, the songs that have been given a positive assessment in any of the platforms appear in one unified list.

The idea with this is to offer better personalized radio stations based on user preferences. Some believe that this function comes a bit late, but even with his tardiness probably Spotify users on their computers will thank beaten.

Link: Thumbs up for radio! (via Spotify Blog The Verge )

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