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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet |

Spotify point to South America

Spotify point to South America

A story that more than one insurance is waiting anxiously for the Swedish Music streaming was planning its outside Europe and the United States, pointing to Canada, Asia and as these markets.

The source of this rumor is a report published in The Wall Street Journal, and is based on reports of company management which would see their intentions to reach these markets. The news, of course has moved like wildfire on the Internet, putting the long teeth to potential users, and probably causing noise in the competition, which I imagine will be very happy not to these plans Swedes.

And as we know, is a streaming music service, popular in countries like Spain, for example, given the formula ‘Freemium’, one of their weapons (with the availability of Web and mobile for different operating systems ) to be released quickly: Combines a free version with ads inserted between songs, with a payment in which you avoid advertising and you can play the songs you want unlimited.

No further details on the landing of the Swedes to South America, but rather the saying that “if there’s smoke there’s fire”, so I have to cross your fingers because this streaming music service comes soon for those dollars, for the truth is that as a user I openly confess that is a very good option to listen to your music as and when you want, and has a very complete catalog. So we have to wait.

Link: Spotify to Launch in Canada (WSJ)

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