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Posted by on Jun 22, 2012 in Hardware News |

SSD prices fall: U.S. $0.82 per GB

SSD prices fall: U.S. $ 0.82 per GB

Just three months ago predicted that the price of SSDs fall below U.S. $1 per Gigabyte , forecast that eventually met and exceed expectations.

As we reported from The Tech Report, the prices of SSDs have been experiencing slight but steady price cuts in recent weeks, leaving far behind the target price of U.S. $ 1 per gigabyte (GB), and reaching prices of up to U.S. $0.82 per gb Crucial M4 256GB drive.

No doubt the price per GB of SSDs has been reduced considerably, but remains well above the price per GB SATA internal hard drives 3.5 “low (320GB or less), those with prices of U.S. $ 0.21 by GB, a difference that grows when you consider the price of $ 0.06 per GB of internal hard drives of 2TB.

SSD prices fall: U.S. $ 0.82 per GB image 2

On the opposite side, the highest price per Gigabyte it has the Intel 320 40GB U.S. $2.31 per GB.

SSD Prices in Free-Fall: The Next DRAM? (TechPowerUp)
SSD prices in steady, decline substantial businesses (The Tech Report)

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