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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Gadgets |

Staples will offer 3D printing services in Belgium and the Netherlands

Staples will offer 3D printing services in Belgium and the Netherlands

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No doubt the world is waiting to sufficiently decrease the price of to begin often seen in homes. For now, while still having high prices (but more and more reasonable), we can settle for the new service U.S. store for office supplies.

This is because Staples early 2013 to launch a new service in the Netherlands and Belgium called Easy 3D, which will allow consumers to upload files with 3D drawings to company servers for it the machine print a high quality , the MCOR IRIS (the first color in the world), and send them to the nearest store to be subsequently removed by the customer.

3D Staples plans to expand rapidly in all countries where the U.S. company has branches like the rest of Europe, China, Brazil and India, which would make the difference with similar services like Shapeways , which is not known by most of the population .

By the way, in The Pirate Bay is a special category called “Physibles” for people to share plans for printing objects in 3D, such as the head of Mark Zuckerberg .

Link: Staples to launch 3D printing service beginning in early 2013 in the Netherlands and Belgium (The Verge)

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