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Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

Steal private information from users of the NVIDIA forum

Steal private information from users of the NVIDIA forum

Last week, the forum users have noticed that it was closed by the company, citing a “ticket system” to justify that decision. Now, comes the information that the event has been more severe than indicated, compromising data accounts who use this portal to get support from the company.

It turns out that the “incidence” it was a full-scale attack by a who obtained the passwords, emails and personal information of the profile of more than 290,000 people in the NVIDIA forums, adding 100,000 accounts in the area NVIDIA developer and another 1,200 research portal.

The tricky thing here is to steal passwords, since after all, personal information was publicly available in advance. Against this, the company cut their losses and over-wrote the password for a new high security, so will not have access to the compromised accounts.

Besides, NVIDIA says it is working on security issues that are necessary for this to not happen again, so have not confirmed a date in which the Forums re-open again.

And as the NVIDIA forums are not, they can discuss this news and things related to the company in our forum

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