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Posted by on Jul 5, 2012 in Science |

Stephen Hawking lost USD $100 for the Higgs boson

Stephen Hawking lost USD $ 100 for the Higgs boson

(Cc) Science Museum London

The discovery announced this morning by CERN on a particle probably the Higgs boson has caused joy among many scientists, and also a loss of $ 100 to Stephen Hawking. The famous physicist had bet with Professor Gordon King, University of Michigan that the Higgs would be found.

This does not mean that Hawking was against the Higgs boson, however, was one of those who supported the research to find it, but thought it would be harder to get it.

“The results at the Fermi Lab in the U.S. and in Switzerland strongly suggest that hay found the following particle that gives mass to other particles. If the number of interactions of the decay of this particle are as expected, is strong evidence for the so-called Standard Model of particle theory that explains all our experiments so far, “Hawking said on today’s announcement.

“This is an important result and should guarantee the Nobel Prize Higgs,” predicted the physical. Peter Higgs, one of the first to predict this particle is 83 years now and traveled to Switzerland especially for the ad. Higgs congratulated all the researchers who worked on the discovery, saying it “is something amazing has happened in my life.”

Hawking went on to note that despite the success that means the investigation, “it’s a shame in a way, because the great advances in physics come from experiments whose results were not expected. For this reason, Gordon King had wagered with the University of Michigan that the Higgs particle would be discovered. Apparently I lost USD $ 100, “he said.

Stephen Hawking Higgs boson Costs $ 100 bet (SlashGear)

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