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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Science |

Stephen Hawking project seeks to communicate through brain waves

Stephen Hawking project seeks to communicate through brain waves

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Everyone knows that the physicist suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that has limited their ability to move and that cost him speaking over 30 years.

Not that that has stopped his brilliant mind and his ability to make known all that has been thought through other methods, but scientists at Stanford University are developing a system that would aim to facilitate such communication, reading their waves and translating them through a computer.

Sounds like telepathy to a PC. Ibrai­n baptized, the device is a scanner that measures brain activity, developed by Professor Philip Low at Stanford. The results will be announced at a conference in Cambridge next month, and could prove the technology works with its own Hawking. The physicist has learned to create patterns of impulses to imagine the of hands and body parts. It is hoped that a little technology can recognize more sophisticated brain activity and turn it into words.

The idea is that at some point can “read minds” of a person, something that could be revolutionary for those who are bedridden. This seeks to “intentional movements associated with a library of words and make them talk, providing communication tools linked to the brain that the body to those suffering motor problems,” says Low.

According to the scientist, the device could also serve to administer correct doses of medication depending on the responses of patients’ brain waves, or to treat other sleep-related illnesses, depression or even autism.

Link: Scientists Developing device to “hack” into brain of Stephen Hawking (Telegraph)

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